Innershift (noun) - a change in
direction or focus initiated close to the
centre of personal power.

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transform (verb) - make a marked change;
*[antonym - stagnate]

Youth Coaching


self-esteem (noun) - a realistic respect for or
favorable impression of oneself

Personal Development Coaching


power (noun) - great or marked ability
to do or act; strength; might; force

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succeed (verb) - attain fame,
wealth, or social status

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Are you ready to experience an innershift?
Are you?

Battling personal limitations?
Ready for a new direction?
Stagnating or in a rut?
Ready to prosper?





Everyone experiences moments in life when they are faced with feelings of discontent or limbo. The factors leading to such moments can vary but not everyone sees it as an opportunity to grow.

If however, you are faced with any of these feelings and feel that you want to overcome your inner challenges, you are at the right place.

I can assist. I am here to help you make that move from where you are, to where you want to be.

3 months with a life Coach will change your life

A life coach guides you through a process of self- discovery and brings about an awareness of certain limiting beliefs you have about yourself. Beliefs which holds you back from reaching your full potential.

Karen Groenewald

We started off with skype consultations and progressed to one on one sessions which I believe bore much more success that I could ever have imagined. We worked together on setting my future goals, and with your guidance and extreme patience I eventually started believing in myself again and looking forward to a successful future.


Our first session was intense, never have I felt so comfortable to allow myself to unpack issues, I so closely guarded and kept locked to myself, with someone who was practically a stranger. We unlocked negative belief systems that kept me trapped and unable to manifest my full potential.

Sharoline Fester

At the beginning, I was skeptical to go on this journey with Berenice as she was still busy with her life coaching course, but what a journey it has turned out to be! I am so grateful to Berenice for making this experience possible, despite my initial reservations.

Tailored coaching plans to your individual needs!

Innershift life coaching and personal development has helped many others to tap  in and unleash their deep seated potential, and move forward to more fulfilling lives.



If you are ready to leap forward to success in  your relationships, career or just know that it is time to be a better you, I am ready and able to assist you.

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Contact me here for a  free consultation and let’s start to move beyond current personal limitations, and toward an abundantly successful future you.