Youth Coaching

Youth Coaching Plan

Teenagers are sometimes stuck at school, fear of the unknown and confused about their careers.

They have so much to deal with. Peer pressure, pressure from parents to succeed and get good grades. Sometimes this becomes too much for them and they need help!



Do you want to build confidence and self esteem?

I can help you create beliefs that empowers you so you can let go of your fears and soar with confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

Do you feel under pressure from parents, teachers and friends?

I can help you understand your world and your place in it.

Are you confused about career choices?

I can help you discover what you enjoy doing the most and set a goal according to you values.

Youth Coaching

We all know that teenagers shy away from speaking to their parents. That’s why it’s so important to feel free talking to a life coach. No criticism or pressure about doing great.

Teenage coaching will help them build confidence and develop important life skills. Skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Success Coaching

Our one-on-one Life coaching is an incredibly effective tool to identify, enact and sustain improvements in your life.

Youth life coaching benifits

Setting great goals
What’s preventing them from taking action
How to achieve those goals
Making the right choices in life

Various packages on offer

  • 1x 90 min sessions.
3 Month Package
  • 2x 90 min sessions twice per month
6 Month Package
  • 2x 90 min sessions twice per month

After all, the youth of today are tomorrows leaders!!

* Depending on requirements. For more details call 061 472 0007 or Send Request

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