Berenice February

My name is Berenice February,  I am your Personal life Coach

Berenice is a certified life coach and personal development counsellor. As such, she is able to offer guided courses in personal development in group or 1-on-1 environments. Her journey as a life coach her own journey has culminated in some bold lifestyle changes and imbued her with deep spiritual
understanding of the world.

Early Stages

“As a life coach my journey began in my youth and has culminated in powerful spiritual and lifestyle changes in my life. The biggest leap of face has been a career path change, from the safety of a well-established career in financial management to the founding of Innershift Life Coaching, and ultimately pursuing my dream of assisting people to discover their true purpose. 

Career Start

I believe that everyone has talents, and although these differ from person to person, we all have the same potential for greatness if we are equipped with the tools to access our inner strengths. It is difficult to appreciate these strengths sometimes but, once we start drawing on them, we find that our inner abilities always prove greater than the things we think are holding us back.

I am truly inspired by the work that I am engaged in now, and humbled at the miracle transformations I’ve witnessed in even the most seemingly ordinary of  lives.”

My clients – I only work with people who are committed to change.

My Experience

Years of Coaching Experience
Goals set for my clients
Months for a new you


Comensa registered certified elite life coach.

Studied through New Insights

Transform with Innershift

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